Promoted to a QA Manager

In June 2018, I was promoted to a QA Manager at Solium, my current duties include:

  • Managing and developing the QA team at Solium.
  • Being involved in the hiring and training of new members to the QA team
  • Insuring the overall quality of the Shareworks product.
  • Overseeing site builds and deployments for testing environments.
  • Developed and maintained training materials and documentation for new QA team members.
  • Provided testing support and tested high-priority or high-visibility items in Shareworks.
  • Presented on existing functionality in Shareworks to increase knowledge of development and QA teams.
  • Researched improvements to the QA process with a focus on efficiencies.
  • Provided communication to clients on feature development and worked with clients to insure proper development and testing of features.
  • Worked closely with client’s UAT (user-acceptance testing) team supporting their testing efforts and liaising between them and internal QA and development teams.